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CytoFruit® Waters is the result of a symbiosis of technology and sustainability.
The recipe water in Skean’s product formulas has been replaced by Cytofruit® Waters, active water that comes naturally from processing bergamot and carries all the inherent richness of the plant.
It is in fact naturally rich in trace elements with relaxing and toning action on the skin.
These fruit waters are the result of only natural processes from pure juices and are released with a controlled flow of trace elements and functional actives obtained from a biological filter, which is closer to the skin’s needs than a mineral filtered water.
A balanced composition resulting in active and Life-rich physiological waters.
Cytofruit® Waters can be described as microbiologically pure and it has shown, in vitro, greater biological benefits than demineralized or distilled waters. In addition, its composition makes it more natural than any biocompatible solvent and it has been shown to be suitable for all skin types.

A seemingly basic product like water can play an important role in sustainability, as it is the first ingredient in most cosmetic products.
Taking water from fruit is a sustainable alternative to using drinking water.
In addition, the use of recovered water from juice processing,helps support the circular economy and the environment, also thanks to the use of ingredients of Mediterranean origin.
(Cytofruit® is a registered trademark of ROELMI HPC)

Actopontine Biofunctional is a bioengineered peptide inspired by the protein dermatopontin and a natural component found in snail shells, with adhesive action.
It improves the appearance of the skin by increasing its elasticity and density for a younger, fresher appearance by stimulating the production of proteins involved in the architecture of the extracellular matrix.
In vivo clinical tests have shown that already within 4 weeks of use, Actopontine Biofunctional works by redistributing elastin and collagen fibers, thereby giving the skin a younger and smoother appearance.

(Actopontine is a registered trademark of Ashland).

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by our body and it is one of the main components of the structure of skin tissues. It is capable of retaining large amounts of water.
It has a fibrous structure that keeps the skin firm and elastic.
The combined use of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid has multiple advantages.
The former, at medium to high weight, has a filming action on the skin, so as to reduce water loss and maintain that which is already naturally present in the skin.
The second, low weight, penetrates into the deep layers of the skin, binding water molecules to itself, thus allowing deep hydration and high elasticizing action.

Alpine Rose Active is a purified organic alpine rose leaf extract that rejuvenates the skin through the new anti-aging concept of senolytics.
It is one of the most typical and important plants in the Alps. It grows at high altitude and has developed impressive strategies to protect itself from dehydration and attack by free radicals and pathogens.

Its efficacy has been clinically demonstrated on:

  • Eliminate senescent cells (zombie cells), which cause inflammation and collagen reduction, resulting in loss of skin elasticity
  • Reduce redness and protect against photo aging
  • Rejuvenate the deep layers of the skin
  • Protect skin proteins from oxidative stress

Because of the difficulty of cultivating the Alpine Rose, a partnership has been established with organic farmers in the Alps, who harvest the precious leaves of this plant through controlled sustainable farming.

It is capable of countering aging processes, promoting cell renewal, and protecting against free radicals, which are responsible for collagen degradation and subsequent loss of skin elasticity.
It slows or inhibits oxidative damage while promoting cellular repair mechanisms.

It is probably one of the best known plants because of its countless beneficial properties.
Employed since ancient Egypt for its varied effects: soothing, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing.
It has high tolerability and it is therefore ideal even for sensitive skin.

It is a natural humectant agent, physiologically present in human skin. It can reduce dryness of the skin after cleansing, partly due to its great ability to retain water.
It also enhances the epidermal absorption of other ingredients in cosmetic formulations and it helps maintain the natural Ph level.
It is a gentle ingredient also ideal for all skin types, including sensitive or irritated skin.

Natural lipocomplex that improves cohesion between surface epidermal cells, strengthening the skin barrier, which protects against dehydration and external agents.
Endowed with emollient, softening and anti-desquamating properties.

Multifunctional, 100% bio-based wetting agent with moisturizing action. A totally sustainable product, as it is derived from a by-product of sugarcane. It helps reduce the impact of raw materials on the environment.

(Hidrolite® is a registered trademark of SYMRISE AG – Germany).

Alternative preservative system, ideal for green formulations, It’s based on natural citrus extract, rich in bioflavonoids and polyphenols with antifungal action.

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