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The Clean Beauty approach, which Skean is inspired by, is also reflected in the packaging of the products, aimed at environmental friendliness and resource conservation.

But what does sustainable packaging mean? It is packaging that is designed to create the least environmental impact while at the same time performing the product’s own protective functions to the best of its ability.

Saving raw material, simplifying packaging, using recycled material, facilitating recycling activities-these are just some of the intersections between sustainability and product logic.

The main features of Skean ‘s packaging are:

  • Primary: hygienic, recyclable and sustainable
  • Secondary: recyclable and sustainable

Specifically, the primary packaging is made of glass (recyclable) and plastic (recyclable).

The secondary one, on the other hand, is created with environmentally friendly paper from FSC®-certified forests and made from by-products of agro-industrial processing

The adoption of sustainable packaging, in addition to generating less environmental impact, promotes savings in the use of raw materials and allows Skean to contribute to the preservation of the planet.

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