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Getting old is not a dirty word. Aging is natural and we should not be afraid of it; rather, we should take care of ourselves and preserve our beauty. This talk applies to our mind, our health, our body and especially our skin. Adopting a good skincare routine (at any age) will make your skin healthier and longer-lasting, so let’s talk about a special peptide, Actopontine Biofunctional.

Peptides are substances that our skin can absorb easily, due to their very simple structure they give elasticity and density to the skin, preserving our skin logevity.

Specifically, Actopontine Biofunctional is a peptide inspired by the protein “dermapontine,” a component found in snail shells that is a natural adhesive.

This type of peptide improves the appearance of the skin, plumping it up and giving it a fresher appearance as it stimulates collagen and elastin production. The skin will appear smooth and relaxed after just four weeks.

How can I incorporate Actopotine Biofunctional peptide into my skincare routine?

This type of peptide can be integrated with various cosmetic products

Of course, to optimize the effects, you will need to be consistent in application; results are assured after only a few weeks.

For synergistic action and more noticeable results, I recommend the combo ESSENTIAL SERUM e ESSENTIAL CREAM two products designed to relax and smooth the skin.

Can everyone use peptides?

Peptides are amino acids naturally produced by our bodies, so they do not create any kind of allergic or irritant reaction. In addition, the can be integrated as early as age 25.

While there are no particular contraindications, it is always recommended to test a cosmetic product on a small area before fully integrating it into the skincare routine, especially in the case of sensitive or atopic-prone skin.

Are peptides compatible with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid?

Absolutely yes, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are “skin friendly” but peptides can also be used synergistically with these ingredients, use them morning and night for a boost effect and never forget sunscreen!

Actopontine TM is a registered trademark of Ashland

Article written by. Paola De Nicola

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