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Cleansing is the first step in your skincare routine and is by far the most important step in taking care of your skin. This step allows us to dissolve the make up and all the dirt that has settled on the face during the day, plus, it allows us to prepare the skin for all the next steps.

But do you know how to cleanse the face well?

Here’s everything you need to know about cleansing like a true beauty expert:

Cleanse your face morning and evening

I do not want to hear excuses, it is necessary to cleanse the face twice a day. Even if you didn’t wear makeup.

During the day, dust, smog and pollution settle on our skin. In addition, sebum, sweat and any make-up clogs the pores, you will surely agree with me, evening cleansing is essential.

“And in the morning can I rinse my face with a little water?”
Sorry to disappoint you, unfortunately I have to say no again. During the night, the sebaceous glands produce more sebum, so it is important to cleanse the face of all the impurities that have accumulated.

P.S. if you are a make-up addict, I recommend that you first remove your makeup with a make-up remover butter and then proceed to cleanse your face.

Be careful not to overdo it!

The right frequency to cleanse the face? Twice a day is sufficient.
During the summer or after the gym, when you’ve worked up a sweat, you can rinse your face with water or (even better) thermal water sprays. Their composition does not attack the face and allows relief for even the most sensitive skin.

The water: neither too hot nor too cold

Water temperature is very important, it should be at “room” temperature, neither too hot nor too cold.

Water that is too warm, as pleasant as it may be during winter, causes dehydration of the skin and can cause redness. Similarly, water that is too cold, can sensitize the skin.

Are you using the right cleaner for you?

There are no good detergents and bad detergents. However, there are detergents that are perfect for your needs.
If you have sensitive skin and prefer gentle cleansing, opt for ESSENTIAL CLEANSER, an aloe vera-enriched cleanser that respects the skin barrier.

Be gentle, your skin will thank you!

Whenever we talk about skincare, I get the impression that there is so much to do, so many steps, so many products and huge quantities. Not so!

When cleansing your face, use a small amount of product and massage gently in circular motions. Start from the center of the face and do not forget the neck and décolleté. Spend at least 30 seconds cleansing and then rinse.

Now what?

Once you have rinsed your face, gently pat it dry with a towel. Do not rub, swipe or pull.

Important tip: Use a towel just for your face and change it twice a week.

Now you’re ready for the other steps in your skincare routine!

Article written by. Paola De Nicola

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