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Diets, restrictions, gym, and the schedule full again. The year 2023 has just begun and already we are overwhelmed by the commitments of the new year. If you feel tired and a little unmotivated, in this article you will find five beauty tips to get you off to the best start!

The new year has only just begun, and between the good resolutions and the stress of re-entry, it can happen that you feel pressured. Holiday toasts and dinners with friends and family have already become a memory. Better to undo the tree and Christmas decorations and recharge your energy for 2023.

If you don’t know where to start but feel like taking care of yourself, here are five beauty tips:

Spend some time on facial gymnastics

Facial gymnastics is the new frontier of facial care – natural, effective and even fun!
Also known as Face Fitness or Face Training, this practice is a real trend that is widespread in the United States and is blowing up on Instagram and TikTok.
Face Training consists of facial training, starting with self-massages and ending with proprioceptive, postural, and breathing exercises that will help relax, relax, and tone our skin, avoiding more invasive treatments, such as botox.

But how is this facial gymnastics done? Let me reassure you, you won’t have to go to the gym!
You only need to devote 10 minutes a day, during your skincare routine, to these short workouts.
Of course, there are various levels and lots of specific exercises to counteract the blemishes we least like.

If you feel like getting started, I recommend following Veronica Rocca , the first face trainer in Italy who will teach you how to take care of your face.

Together with her you can learn many small exercises to work on skin tone and elasticity, plus, the results start to show after just a few weeks!

IG @veronica__rocca

Also, if you want to go deeper into this activity that will make you more beautiful, Veronica has created the first interactive manual on FaceTraining, with step-by-step explanations, photos, videos and QR codes to learn all the techniques. The FaceTraining book is available in all bookstores and also online, here is the first “self-gift” of 2023!

Healthier eating to feel better

This is perhaps one of the most common good resolutions; nutrition is the basis of our health. Adopting a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber will help us feel better and live healthier.

When I recommend healthy eating, I’m not talking about necessarily adopting vegetarian, vegan regimens or the classic grilled chicken breast and salad; rather, I’m talking about experimenting, varying, looking for fresh, seasonal produce, perhaps zero-mile.
Start looking for lots of lighter versions of your favorite dishes or healthy recipes that will make you fall in love with even the least flavorful vegetables.

Do you like spicy dishes? Start varying with dressings to add flavor and use less salt, or seek inspiration every day by looking for many vegetable and fruit salad recipes. I admit, social is my biggest source of light and tasty recipes!

Also, if you can’t follow a balanced diet, start by getting professional guidance-a good nutritionist will teach you the right way to eat well.

Going to bed earlier

Well yes, this is absolutely one of the most important beauty tips I can give. Sleep is most important for our health; it serves to recharge our energy, and it is during the night that cell renewal takes place.
Going to bed earlier will help us establish a regular sleep cycle; we will be able to get up earlier in the morning and be more productive throughout the day.

If you don’t know how to fall asleep earlier, I recommend that you don’t look at your cell phone, turn off your computer and TV a few hours earlier, and devote yourself to reading a good book. You will see, the quality of sleep will improve so much.

A rejuvenating walk

What could be better than a long, relaxing walk?
In the morning, afternoon or even after dinner to aid digestion.
A walk will relieve the tension built up during the day and give you a new charge.
And do you like to walk alone listening to some music or in company?

Always make time for your skincare routine

Here it is, the last of my beauty tips. Start with small, healthy habits-every morning and evening dedicate a moment of wellness and relaxation. The bathroom will become your temple; start with a gentle cleansing and proceed with a moisturizing serum and cream. If you’re not a skincare expert or if you’re in the mood to try an essential skincare routine, here’s the Essential Set that will be perfect for you!

And now I just have to wish you a happy new year!

Article written by. Paola De Nicola

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