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Winter sometimes seems endless. Temperatures are low, it gets dark quickly, and the days are monotonous.Tough times for lovers of heat and sea, but also for our skin. Cold weather can sensitize the epidermis a lot, making the skin dry and red, which is why we should change some steps of skincare in winter.

Dryness, redness, and chapped lips are just a few of the skin discomforts that can occur during winter; to preserve skin health, we need to adapt our skincare routine to our seasonal needs.

During winter, cold and wind can attack the skin barrier of the skin but don’t worry, just follow a few simple rules to take care of it:

Choose a (very) gentle cleanser

Cleansing is the first step of skincare, necessary to remove impurities and start the perfect routine.

During winter, however, you should choose a very gentle cleanser so as to protect the skin barrier.

If you feel an uncomfortable sensation on your face after cleansing, as if your skin is “pulling,” it means that you are using a product that is too aggressive for your skin. The face should always be in a comfortable condition during each skincare step.

Not all cleansers are the same and not all will be perfect for you, but if you haven’t yet found the product that works for you, I recommend you try Essential Cleanser , a cleanser composed of gentle surfactants and moisturizing agents, such as Aloe Vera.

Deep and frequent hydration

Hydration is one of the pillars of skin care. During the winter, it is necessary to use the miracle serum and cream combo . I know you might feel lazy sometimes, but this double step allows you to achieve optimal hydration of the face (neck and décolleté!).

Obviously, I take this opportunity to make a point, hydration is important for all skin types, young and mature, dry and even oily. Never skip this step!

Nourish, when necessary!

A red nose, chapped lips, and tight skin are all signs of lack of nourishment. Cold, wind, dry air and even a very common cold can destroy our skin barrier, which will not be able to retain a good level of moisture.

To restore the well-being of the skin barrier, it is important to nourish the skin with specific products. Nourishing masks, creams, or, a handy oil are great allies for sealing your skincare in winter and giving yourself an evening pampering.

Avoid showering too hot

I know, I know, this step is difficult. But very hot water causes dehydration of the skin, you know that classic redness after showering? There, that’s not a good sign!
Try lowering the temperature of the shower gradually, you will see that you will slowly get used to it.
Also, be careful never to skincare in the shower, especially the step of cleansing. Here I’ll explain why!

Protect your skin, always

It may be overused, debated and sometimes controversial, but sunscreen should be put on every day, even in winter (even when it rains!).
The sun’s rays filter through clouds, so it is important to protect our skin every day. In addition, excessive exposure to blue lights (those from computers, tablets and smartphones) accelerate the aging process of our skin. Believe me, protective cream is absolutely your skin’s greatest ally!

Article written by Paola De Nicola

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