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Sustainability is about choices. But what does it mean to be “sustainable? The concept of sustainability is very broad, and it certainly won’t be explained to you by a beauty brand’s blog, but you just need to think about the fact that every daily gesture has an impact on our planet, whether positive or negative.

We hear so much about sustainability, about going green, but is it possible to continue to consume in a truly sustainable way? Let’s say we can try!

Here are some tricks that will make your skincare routine more sustainable:

Goodbye disposable products

The first tip for making skincare more sustainable is to reduce the use of disposable products such as wipes and hydrophilic facial cleansing pads. There are makeup remover gloves or reusable cloth pads on the market; they are super soft and allow you to use very little product. They also remove makeup much better than makeup remover wipes, you’ll just have to remember to wash them after each use to prevent bacteria growth!

Prefer products with sustainable packaging

Do you know how many beauty products are trashed every day? Unfortunately, very many!
It is important to choose skincare products in glass packaging or in recycled and/or recyclable containers (and, of course, dispose of them in the appropriate containers).
It is precisely in this way that Skean strives to reduce environmental impact by paying attention to the choice of packaging. And not only that!

Reinvent and give away!

I think it has happened to anyone to buy a cream and not use it, sometimes it can happen to buy on impulse and then realize that that product is not suitable for our needs. In this case, don’t hoard products in your bathroom and throw them away-there are other, more sustainable ways!
If a face cream is too rich and makes your face greasy, you can use it for the body; the same goes for face serums and masks. And if you really don’t know how to use a product, you can gift it to a friend!

The choice of ingredients is critical for a more sustainable product

Well yes, the choice of ingredients is crucial when we talk about sustainability.
Natural ingredients respect the skin and the environment by not releasing microplastics into our seas. With this in mind, Skean has decided to formulate all of its products with at least 93 percent naturally sourced ingredients and to replace all added water in the formulas with water derived from reclaimed juices from bergamot processing. This choice saves drinking water and fuels the circular economy and the recovery of valuable resources.

Prefer an essential beauty routine

I know, there are so many products to try, every day beauty influencers show us serums, creams, toners and other products we think we can’t live without. I’ll tell you the truth, it’s not quite like that. Following the latest trend of “deinfluencing,” today I am trying to convince you that you don’t need all the products you see; on the contrary. Every product you buy has a “PAO”(period after opening) or expiration date. Using a product after that period could make it useless or, at worst, irritating. In addition, buying a lot of products can be dangerous if you are not a skincare expert and risk attacking the skin barrier too much. An essential beauty routine that consists of just a few products is the best choice for being sustainable. To find out more click here .

Article written by. Paola De Nicola

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