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Miraculous skincare products, highly complicated cosmetic routines that promise to erase the signs of aging and most importantly “perfect for everyone.” Sorry to disappoint you, it doesn’t really work that way. No product will work miracles (botox does those, at best!) and no product is perfect for everyone, but I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for you!

Learning how to take care of your skin is not easy. Not all products are suitable for our needs, and we can easily attack our skin barrier. It is necessary to experiment. It is not enough to be able to read an INCI; each product is uniquely formulated. Like your skin!

So how can we tell if we are using skincare products that are suitable for our skin?

Here are 5 signs that you are using the “wrong” product in your skincare routine:

Skin rashes, pimples and papules

An obvious and very common sign may be the appearance of several pimples. I think it has happened to all of us before to buy a purifying mask or anti-imperfection cream and see the condition of our face “worsen.” Don’t panic, it could be skin purging, a natural process of the skin purifying itself. But let’s be careful, if pimples and papules begin to appear in “unusual “areas or if our skin continues to worsen after 2 or 3 weeks after application, it will be necessary to discontinue use immediately. In severe cases, I also recommend a visit to a dermatologist!

Redness and irritation

This symptom is definitely the most common one, especially if you have delicate, atopic-prone skin. Redness and irritation can really be around the corner when we experiment with a new cosmetic product. I am not talking about a slight momentary redness, I am talking about the skin reddening and causing an uncomfortable feeling of heat or even burning.
In that case there is little that can be done. That toner, cream, mask or even cleanser that triggered the reaction is not right for your skin. Give them as a gift to a friend!

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Dryness and dehydration

This symptom is also very common, it may happen that a skincare product fails to properly moisturize our skin. Probably the new serum you bought leaves your skin dry, not moisturized enough, and makes it even more delicate. In that case, the best advice I can give you is to change serums; not everything that is good for others may be good for you.

The secret to finding the right products is to experiment!

If you haven’t yet found a moisturizing but lightweight serum, I recommend Essential Serum , a pro-aging and moisturizing facial serum with hyaluronic acid and peptides, ideal for ensuring proper hydration on a daily basis and improving the skin’s aging process.

Excessive lucidity

Now I turn to all readers who often have shiny skin, the famous “oily skin.” If you’ve already happened to buy a cleanser that promised to tighten pores, mattify and brighten your skin but the only result you get is a forehead…still shiny, it means that product was not right for you.

Skincare products for oily skin are very complicated, in fact, if the agents turn out to be too aggressive, you may get the opposite results to what you want. An even shinier forehead and an increasingly unmanageable T-zone. There, that was the final wake-up call that should let you know that a product is not right for you. Always listen to your skin!

Before concluding, I would like to open an important parenthesis, an effective product for us is not necessarily of better quality, it is simply better suited to our needs. Every product marketed is chemically tested, formulations are always approved by specialists and tested on many skin types.
Cosmetic actives and cosmetic products are many and I am sure you will be able to find the perfect products for you, listen to your body and your skin!

Article written by. Paola De Nicola

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