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Here is the practical and simple guide to using self-tanner in the right way and having tanned skin without sun exposure.

Summer is coming and all we want is to be able to show off a beautiful golden tan, too bad UV rays are our skin’s worst enemy! Fear not, self tanner is the one for you, this product allows you to have an amber complexion safely, never again UV damage!

But if you, too, have had some particular experience with self-tanner and don’t know how to use it, here are all my tips for not falling into the trap of an orangey complexion.

Prepares the skin for self-tanning

Before applying self-tanner, it is essential to prepare the skin. It starts with cleansing, theessential cleanser might be for you; its soft lather removes make-up and impurities, rebalancing the skin barrier.
Next, gently exfoliate the skin with a scrub to remove all dead skin cells. This step is very important; it will give you a glowing, even complexion.

Choose the right self-tanner for you

Self-tanners are not all the same, there are different formulas, cream, gel and spray, choose the one that best suits your needs. Don’t forget to check the right shade for you. If you have very fair skin, proceed gradually with a less intense shade; if you have an already golden complexion, you can choose a darker tone.

Apply the self-tanner carefully

This step is the most important one to achieve an even complexion. Spread the self-tanner all over the face, starting in the center of the face and spreading outward. Don’t forget to also apply the product to the ears, hairline, neck and spread it to the décolleté. If you have decided to use a liquid self-tanner, you can dilute a few drops in the serum and proceed with application.

Hydrates, hydrates, hydrates

After applying self-tanner, it is most important to moisturize the skin regularly to maintain the tan shade and prolong its duration. The Essential Cream and Essential Serum combo will do the trick. These two products form the ideal daily beauty routine to moisturize and give firmness to facial skin. Both of them are formulated with double molecular weight hyaluronic acid, alpine rose extract and peptides. Consistent use of the products stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, plus, your tan will be radiant and long-lasting!

What about the retouching?

To maintain a golden complexion, apply self-tanner every 2-3 days and remember not to overdo it, don’t rush, a gradual tan will always look better and more natural!

Article written by Paola De Nicola

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