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skincare autunnale

Fall is here, the weather is cooling down, and the needs of our skin are slowly changing. Wind and colder temperatures can dehydrate the skin and cause an uncomfortable feeling on the face. If you don’t know what to use for your fall skincare, read this article.

Fall is not my favorite season, however, it definitely has many positives. The leaves turn red and orange, coloring the city streets, we can finally wear trench coats, which look wonderful, and we can devote an extra 5 minutes to our skincare routine. Not bad.

Let’s see together what are the tips for a perfect autumn skicare:

Gentle cleansing

With the cooler temperatures, it is important to gently cleanse the face to prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated and especially from becoming too sensitive. Essential Cleanser is perfect for this season, as it cleanses the skin without attacking it. It leaves the skin clean and moisturized thanks to Aloe Vera, which is antibacterial and soothing, and Sodium PCA, a natural moisturizer.

Deep hydration

Have you ever felt that uncomfortable feeling of skin “pulling”? To avoid this issue, be sure to use a rich, nourishing moisturizer and always pair it with a moisturizing serum. The two products will work synergistically to moisturize the skin and protect the skin barrier. Your skin will always be smooth and soft.

Don’t abandon sunscreen

I’m sure you too, at least once, looking at the cloudy sky, have avoided putting on sunscreen. Sorry to disappoint you, but sunscreen is essential year-round. UV rays are the main cause of aging, not to mention sunspots. Finish your fall skincare with a good SPF 50 cream every morning!

Treat yourself to an autumn pampering

With the return to school, college and work, we deserve an autumn pampering. Give yourself a special moment at least once a week, light a scented candle (I love the cinnamon ones!), put on some music and make a face mask specifically for your needs. I assure you that you will immediately feel more relaxed and your skin will thank you.

Get your fill of vitamins and antioxidants

A beautiful skin comes from “inside.” With the change of season, our immune defenses can drop. Get your fill of vitamins and antioxidants to avoid pesky colds and keep your skin healthy and glowing. At this time I recommend orange juices, pumpkin velvets for a light dinner, pomegranate for a snack, baked carrots for a tasty side dish, and lots of dried fruit.
Your skin will be soft and silky, ready to face autumn.

P.S. even a homemade pumpkin spice latte can become your fall treat!

Article written by. Paola De Nicola

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