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skean talks isabella petrosillo

Welcome to the first episode of Skean Talks, a safe space where we can talk about our skin. Without shame, without taboos. Our first guest is Isabella Petrosillo.

Skean Talks isabella petrosillo

Class of ’98 from saltiness to the city. Monopoly to Milan.

Hi Isabella, thank you for accepting our invitation! We decided to launch “Skean Talks” to talk about women’s relationship with their skin. We will talk without shame and without taboos.
Hi Paola, thank you and Skean for thinking of me! I love this initiative, we talk so much about skincare but so many times we don’t really talk about skin and all the discomforts it entails.

Before we start, would you like to introduce yourself briefly?
“My name is Isabella, class of ’98, from saltiness to the city. I was born and raised and Monopoli and when I was eighteen I moved to Milan and graduated in media communication and advertising in Iulm. Fascinated for as long as I can remember by the power of social media, I thought I would bring back my vision as a “student” away from home on my di profile. I was trying to create a small town inside Milan, to create landmarks and share them. From there I noticed a big following and started to integrate with my all-around passions: travel, fashion and of course beauty. Since 2021 I have been working as a content creator, supporting and telling stories about brands and for brands.”

Your path is definitely inspiring, I love your energy and your passion for this work is evident in every piece of content you create. Now let’s start with the questions: what is your relationship with your skin? Would you like to tell us about your dermatological problems and how you experienced them? Most importantly, how would you define your relationship with your skin today?
Now I love her very much, we understood each other. I suffered from acne starting in my early high school years. The absolute most delicate years where you are just beginning to know yourself for real. It was immediately diagnosed as hormonal acne and I really tried a lot of therapies and treatments. Honestly though, I was never one who tended to cover up with makeup; rather, I understood that it was part of me, or rather that for part of my life it would be with me, so after the initial hatred there was listening. I was trying to find out if there were any foods that were bothering her, products, supplements. We were roommates for a while.
Today is much better, it has not disappeared completely, but we tolerate each other.

Well, as in any roommate relationship there are ups and downs. Coexistence is never easy! Instead, tell us, how did you approach skincare? Was it a necessity or did you get carried away by this very social trend?
Let’s say it was her, acne precisely, that made me approach it. I wanted to understand what I was applying, so I inquired, what was good, what was not, I read INCI and ingredients, then it also became a passion.

And now, how would you describe your skincare? How do you live that moment of the day?
Skincare is now a favorite part of the day. Especially in the evening. Even when I am so tired I know that I will feel beautiful relief afterward. I wash and wash the day off my face and I moisturize so much.

I hear you, the feeling of a clean, moisturized face is wonderful. Would you like to tell us a little bit about your must-have steps during your skincare routine?
A very important step is definitely cleansing, I usually go to contrast with a gel in the morning and double cleanse with an oily product in the evening. I apply a serum that I change according to the season or go with an exfoliant, my skin thanks. Morning and evening moisturizer ESSENTIAL CREAM by Skean. A very generous portion that massages for good. It puts me back into the world.

Isabella, our time together is almost over. Would you like to share your skincare tips with our community?
But of course, first of all I recommend facial cleansing at least every 3 months. It really changes the state of the skin and promotes proper absorption of the products that we are then going to apply. Then, and I will never stop saying this: spf. Not only in summer, all year round. Sunscreen after cream is essential. Take care!

Words of wisdom, always protect your skin! Isabella, thank you so much for participating in the first episode of Skean Talks, I salute you and give you a big hug!
Hi Paola, thank you, I’m really glad we had this chat, a hug to the whole Skean community!

Article written by. Paola De Nicola e Isabella Petrosillo

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