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Valentine’s Day, the festival of love and lovers. If you, like us, are also part of the romantics who adore February 14, here are some gift ideas to surprise your sweetheart (and more!).

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make a special gesture for the person who makes our hearts flutter. Whether your love languange is physical contact or performing acts of service, surprise your loved one with a special little gift on February 14.

P.S. It doesn’t have to be the partner, you can give a special gift to everyone you love!

A bouquet of flowers

I know, it may sound corny, but flowers are wonderful, the symbol of Valentine’s Day. You can give them to your girlfriend, your boyfriend (yes, you can give flowers to men too, haven’t you watched Sanremo?).
A bouquet of roses, colorful tulips or fragrant mixed bouquets. Get advice from your florist and always accompany them with a card.

A projector

You may be wondering why a projector. Effectively not the most common gift for Valentine’s Day, but imagine having a private movie theater in your home. Luci soffus and your favorite movie. Add popcorn, soft blankets, and maybe even hot chocolate.
A perfect evening to gently upset the routine, especially for a Valentine’s Day that happens during the week. To be repeated as often as you like!

A skincare set

A skincare set is the perfect gift for any Valentine!
What could be nicer than giving the gift of a true gesture of skin love? L’ ESSENTIAL SET encompasses all the essential steps for complete skincare for both him and her.

Giving a skincare set means giving the gift of a moment of wellbeing every day, alone or as a couple. Take care of the skin of the people you love.

A journey (into memories)

If you want to give a really sweet and romantic gift, you will love this idea.
Print all your photos together and compose a DIY album, add phrases, dedications, anecdotes and make this Valentine’s Day special with a unique and inimitable gift!

A bottle of wine and a romantic dinner

Among the most suggestive experiences, especially for those with a sweet tooth, a romantic dinner and a good bottle of wine. Never predictable and never dull. Search for a special restaurant, organize and offer an unforgettable moment to those you love.
Don’t be afraid to experiment, from toast, to dessert, you will have a wonderful evening together.

A couple’s massage

I admit, I may be biased here. I love massages, they are the most relaxing thing in the world. A couple’s massage, with a partner or friend, a perfect gift to provide a moment of intense well-being and relaxation.
Dim lights and soft music, essential oils, and you can disconnect from the world for an hour (or two).

P.S. I admit that it may not appeal to everyone, make sure before you buy a pair pack.
P.P.S nothing prevents you from giving yourself a massage to celebrate some healthy self-love!

Article written by. Paola De Nicola

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