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skean talks simona beccarsimag

Welcome to the second episode of Skean Talks, a safe space where we can talk about our skin. Without shame, without taboos. Our guest today is Simona Beccarsimag.

skean talks simona beccarsimag

Hi Simona, thank you so much for accepting our invitation! Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi Paola, thank you for the invitation! I am happy to participate in Skean Talks, it is my first interview.
My name is Simona and I am class of ’83. I grew up in a small town in the Marche region 10 km from the sea, and I have a degree in psychology. By character I am a curious person and I have always been fascinated by the web, by blogs first and then with social platforms.
Beccarsimag was born of 2017 and embodies my great passion.
I started to become aware of my body around the age of 30, I wasn’t brought up to value self-care because it was all too frivolous, I would hear phrases like “you don’t need it,” “but what do you spread.” My parents are ’68ers, children of a rebellious generation where I was beautiful like this: made-up and with very short hair. I did a great deal of work on myself by taking my own path and choosing what I really like and makes me feel good.
Fun fact the first time I wore makeup was when I was 23 years old in 2007 when I got married!

I’m sure you looked beautiful even with your makeup and short hair, but I admire your choice of “beauty” so much. I think you were very brave. It is not easy to break down the prejudice of superficiality. Behind a little lipstick is so much more, but not everyone wants to understand it!
Would you like to tell me about your relationship with your skin? Have you ever had dermatological problems?
My facial skin has never had any particular problems, just a few pimples during my teenage years, but I would like to dwell on my body skin. Some times when we talk about skincare we just talk about the face, actually the skin is the largest organ in our body.
During my adolescence, I had a sudden development that occurred in one summer that tore the skin in several places, such as breasts, thighs and abdomen.
I experienced this moment as a real drama. My body had completely changed and had major, visible, white tears marking my legs.
I started hearing comments disguised as jokes “you look like a map,” “tom tom” (referring to the navigator, I know it’s a bit boomer but I’m old!).
I shed so many tears, felt inadequate, felt ashamed to go to the beach.
There was no social, there was no YouTube with the tutorial to treat stretch marks…
With calm and a lot of work on my acceptance, I realized that I am fine even this way that I am beautiful even this way.
As a result, I also learned through the network to use the right products what works for me, which makes my skin more supple and moisturized and less prone to stretch marks again.

Stretch marks…I had actually never thought about how much social media had “normalized” this skin feature. Thank you so much for sharing this story, Skean Talks was born for confessions like these. Instead, how did you approach skincare? Was it a necessity or did you get carried away by this trend?
I think skincare was very much related to my stretch marks. From this “necessity,” I learned how to take care of my body, skin, and face and approached this wonderful universe!
As I mentioned before, I learned to love myself (a little late, but better late than never), and that was a great achievement for me. Taking care of myself has given me confidence and my person has benefited in general, including in my relationship with others.
Now skincare is part of my life and I share my passion on social media!
It’s not just creams, it’s a moment for me, I remind them that I love myself and my well-being is a priority!

On social media, there is a lot of talk about beauty. Make up, skincare, viral products. Is there a skin-related topic that is still too little talked about, in your opinion?
Definitely anything related to the body, I would say bodycare in a positive light.
This is a topic that is very dear to me, and sometimes I think it gets overlooked.
I would really like to take every teenager by the hand and explain to them how the body changes and what to do to love it as something truly precious. On the contrary, I see too much talk about skin “aging,” I think we are demonizing the normal course of life and skin. I see very young content creators talking about fine lines and they make me smile, getting older is a privilege!

I fully agree with every word you said. There is still a long way to go for a beauty universe that makes us feel good and accepted!
Instead, how would you describe your skincare routine?
My skincare is pampering, structured on my skin and for my skin.
It is the step of the day that I am looking forward to. When I devote time to myself, alone, I feel the stress of the day of the day slipping away.

I hear you, it’s my favorite time of day too!
And what are your unfailing steps?
Definitely the cleansing, it is the step that has changed my skin the most.
Learning how to cleanse it with the right products that deep clean it without attacking it really makes a difference. The Skean cleanser is an excellent ally in this regard and moreover smells like a ripe citrus grove. The makes skincare time complete!

Simona, that was my last question. Thank you so much for participating in Skean Talks, you made this interview very special. I’m really glad you were able to confide in me!
Thank you for this opportunity and a kiss to all Skean Talks readers!

Article written by Paola De Nicola and Simona Beccarsimag

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