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alessandra zanoni

Welcome to the third episode of Skean Talks, a safe space where we can talk about our skin. Without shame, without taboos. Our guest today is Alessandra Zanoni.

alessandra zanoni skean talks

Hi Alessandra, thank you for accepting our invitation, would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi Paola, my name is Alessandra Zanoni, I am 37 years old and I am a content creator. My journey on social media started several years ago, during Covid there was a very specific moment when I felt very sad, and of course what was my internal state of mind was also reflected externally. And it was during that time that I decided that it could also start from the outside, that feeling good could have many facets and that taking care of oneself from the outside could also come from the inside with the right perspective and attitude.
I then began to show more of what I was buying, what I liked, trying to develop a simple and very personal communication approach. For me what has always been essential is to reach people in a kind way. Kindness to others is the same as we must then have for ourselves. I hope to succeed in this.

You do it very well, just by “scrolling” through your posts you can see how kind of a person you are. Can I ask you how your passion for skincare began?

My interest in skincare began about 10 years ago following a dermatological examination from which it was revealed that my skin is prone to sunspots-before now with sunscreen I did not have much of a relationship. Fortunately, information about this is now widespread and there is greater awareness. But the real passion for skincare was born right during Covid, a moment when time stood still and I realized how much I enjoyed this wonderful world and how beneficial it actually is in so many ways.

Would you like to tell us about your issue? I assume you have tried various treatments for hyperpigmentation, which ones have been the most effective?

I have tried many products for hyperpigmentation. The product that undoubtedly makes the biggest difference is sunscreen followed then by an ingredient that I really appreciate which is retinol, when used with awareness, always combined with moisturizing and protecting the skin barrier. If the skin barrier is not resilient, it is difficult for skin issues to be treated properly. I recommend avoiding over-exfoliating the skin, always wearing sunscreen and constantly cleansing and moisturizing the skin.

The skin barrier is very important; if it is not healthy, various skincare products will not be effective; on the contrary, they may irritate the skin. Next question, what is your approach to skincare and skincare? Are there any rituals or products that you find particularly effective?

Mine is a very passionate and curious approach, I use different products but following a logic so that I can understand the benefits. This is because precisely I am passionate about this world and I also have the privilege of being able to try many products, but I am also of the idea that in order to take care of oneself, a minimalistic approach is sufficient, which can then be implemented if one realizes that being constant is the magic word for a product to perform its functions. The three basic products are definitely cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen. I love the cleanser Essential Cleanser , it is without a doubt my favorite product from Skean. Its lather is so gentle and leaves the skin super soft.

I agree with you, not to mention the scent! I have another question, I know you care a lot about the emotional aspect and wellness, how do you integrate your passion for skincare into your daily routine and how does taking care of your skin make you feel?

I sincerely think that taking care of one’s skin is something that then reflects on one’s well-being not only physically but also mentally. It is a time for ourselves, where we also try, if you will, to put aside our thoughts, our worries for a few minutes and ensure that we have a time that is just for us. I call it my little corner of serenity. The issue of self-esteem I think is a very heartfelt issue and also a very sensitive one. I believe that being able to devote ourselves to something that makes us happy, that makes us excited is an extremely effective means of feeling more secure. I am very grateful to be able to do what I do, and I am even more grateful to be able to engage with kind people every day.

Taking time for yourself is crucial; it is not just aesthetics, it is so much more. Your job as a content creator can put a strain on your mental health. How important is it for you to “protect” yourself in this respect?

Mental well-being should be the solid ground on which we walk every day. True well-being starts from this ground. It is not always easy to build and cultivate it, but progress in this regard can be made every day, starting with small things, small happy choices, listening to ourselves and remembering to protect what makes our hearts smile before our lips.

Besides skincare products, what other aspects of your daily life contribute to the well-being of your skin?

Constant hydration, immersing myself in nature as soon as I have the time, laughing with gusto.

And instead, what is the best advice you have received for your skicnare routine that you would like to share with our readers?

Simple. Listen to your skin, get to know it and protect it.

Finally, what advice would you give to people facing skin problems to manage their self-esteem and feel confident?

Do not rely on what you see. Perfection does not exist. What exists is you, with your specific needs, with your experiences, with your uniqueness that makes you unrepeatable. Start with you, with what makes you feel good and let go of everything that does not correspond to kindness.

Alessandra, that was my last question. Thank you so much for participating in Skean Talks, it was a pleasure to chat with you. I felt all your positive energy, I thank you for your sincerity and most of all, your kindness!

Thank you for this opportunity a greeting to all readers.

Article written by. Paola De Nicola and Alessandra Zanoni

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