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I am sure that if I walked into your bathroom right now, I would find a lot of skincare products, and if I checked their INCIs, I would find one initial ingredient common to all the products, water.
Water is one of the most common ingredients within cosmetic products because of its ability to dilute and emulsify active ingredients. In addition, it makes textures soft and velvety.

But what if I told you that this ingredient is not necessary?

Cosmetics are constantly evolving, always looking for effective and innovative formulations, especially with a view to sustainability. For this very reason, in recent years, ” waterless beauty ” has developed. , that is, waterless cosmetics.

But if we talk about waterless cosmetics are we talking about solid cosmetics?

Not necessarily!

This question might mislead, if we think of a waterless cosmetic we immediately think of solid products, solid shampoo, cream sticks, conditioner bars, but there are many waterless products in liquid form.

If you don’t want to give up liquid products, such as cleansers, serums, and creams, there are many products formulated without water but that have the same soft, velvety textures as classic cosmetics.

You may not know that there are many alternatives to water, such as CytoFruit® Waters, juices derived from fruit to replace or replace the use of demineralized water, the kind typically used in the cosmetics industry. CytoFruit® Water is a waste liquid that is produced during juice making and is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential minerals. For these motovi, it is a valuable ingredient in the formulation of cosmetic products. Advanced extraction technology allows the benefits of these fruits to be captured in a highly concentrated form, ready for use in the manufacture of skincare products such as serums, creams and cleansers.

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In the world of cosmetics, the search for innovative and natural ingredients to improve skin beauty and health is constantly evolving. CytoFruit® Water is a revolutionary ingredient that promises to revitalize and improve skin quality naturally and effectively by harnessing the circular economy. For this reason, it represents a more sustainable and definitely greener choice.

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But what are the benefits of CytoFruit® Waters?

CytoFruit® Waters are not all the same; it all depends on which fruit they are extracted from, so their benefits may vary. There are various types, let’s look at some examples:

  • Antioxidants: CytoFruit® Waters can be extremely antioxidant, helping to fight free radical damage to the skin. These antioxidants help reduce the signs of premature aging, including wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Moisturizers: CytoFruit® Water can be powerful moisturizers, reducing dryness, flaking and irritation, helping to keep skin soft and radiant.
  • Toning: CytoFruit® Water can promote the production of collagen, a protein critical for skin health and elasticity. This can contribute to firmer, more toned skin.
  • Calming: other CytoFruit® Water have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. This can help reduce redness and skin irritation, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

In the specific case of Bergamot Cytofruit Water, which you find in all Skean products, its properties are extremely invigorating, ideal for an effective pro-aging product for firmer skin.

Can CytoFruit® Waters be used in all formulations?

Cosmetic products containing CytoFruit® Waters are increasingly popular and come in a variety of forms, including moisturizers, serums, face masks and cleansers. This ingredient is also dermoaffin, which means its tolerability is very high, perfect even for very sensitive skin.

All Skean products are formulated with bergamot CytoFruit® Waters, the line consists of a gentle cleanser with relaxing and invigorating action, theEssential Cleanser, a moisturizing and relaxing serum, the Essential Serum and an extremely plumping and moisturizing cream, the Essential Cream .

Cytofruit Waters represent the revolution in waterless cosmetics, thanks to their many benefits that make them both diluting and active at the same time. You’ll just have to choose the product with the right Cytofruit for your needs.

And will you try them out?

Article written by Paola De Nicola

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