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I never understood whether resolutions begin on New Year’s Eve, January 2, or the Monday after the Epiphany. Fact is, the new year is here and it is important to take advantage of these new energies!

Manifesting and vision boards invade TikTok and my Instagram feed, with the new year we are ready to restore order and realize our dreams and plans. And if the new trend is to attract positive energies, purify the air and soul with the holy pole, and manifest a better life, we too have some good resolutions to suggest to you.

Here are what the 2024 skincare resolutions are:

Less is more
If until now you have only heard of Korean skincare routines consisting of at least 10 steps, in 2024 I recommend that you prefer essential skincare. Few products, but good ones.
The basic steps are cleansing, moisturizing and protecting.
A gentle cleanser, moisturizing serum, peptide cream, and SPF 50 sunscreen are the only “must-haves” for always having healthy skin.
Using too many skincare actives, perhaps layering them without fully knowing them, can sensitize the skin and damage the skin barrier.
Stop buying every viral product, listen to your skin, your needs and invest in quality products.

Take care of your skin in a sustainable way
Is it possible to take care of the skin without damaging the mbient?
Sustainability is a topic that we hold dearer and dearer to our hearts, but amidst the flood of products that come our way, between the bulky and unrecyclable packaging and expiring PAOs, I’m sure you too have experienced wasting products (or leaving it on the bathroom shelf for at least 2 years).

Taking care of your skin in a sustainable way is possible, you just need to opt for an essential skincare routine, products formulated with clean ingredients, and recycled and recyclable packaging.
Remember that there is no product more sustainable than what you already have and don’t buy everything you see on TikTok!

For all our sustainable tips, click ca here!

Perfect skin and eternal youth? No, thank you!
Glass skin, perfect skin and other standards of beauty unreal or at least, unattainable for most people. Among the good resolutions for 2024 is definitely a more rational approach to skincare.
Skincare products are not just for improving the appearance of the skin; on the contrary, they should serve a protective function against pollutants, strengthen our skin barrier and treat specific issues.
This New Year, don’t seek perfection sposmodically, use quality products and enjoy your healthy skin!

Introduce retinol into your skincare routine
Among the good resolutions, I cannot fail to mention this one!
Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and is a very powerful ingredient for treating many skin problems.

The benefits of this ingredient are various; it stimulates collagen production, minimizes scars and acne marks, and smooths skin texture.
If you need a guide to using this ingredient, click here !

True beauty comes from within
In 2024 let’s make room for consistency.
We make sure that our skincare products act in synergy with a healthy diet and regular lifestyle. A hyaluronic acid serum can never repair the damage of a messy life.
Get enough sleep, eat a balanced diet rich in minerals, do some physical activity and take care of your body and mind. Your skin will also benefit!

Article written by. Paola De Nicola

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